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 About Us

Houston Press Release Optimization Distribution Expert, Mark Brimm

InterfacePR.com was founded in 1991 by Mark Brimm, a veteran search marketing and search engine optimization expert and web content writer for many industries, products, casuses and national advertising and marketing agencies. Interface Communications Group started out as a creative web marketing firm, adding a network of experts from around the country to form a virtual powerhouse agency with complete mastery over all forms of internet based marketing and communications.

Mark Brimm,, Director & Owner

Mark has consulted companies ranking from Fortune 5 to mom and pops with every imaginable level in between, for over 19 years now. He continues to write much of the releases for Interface PR and oversee QA on every job we do. Instead of pointless office overhead, we operate in home offices across the US and Canada to bring competitive pricing to the PR industry, just as we've done in the world of internet-based marketing.

We've continued to add trusted PR professionals to our staff over recentyears and are continuing to revolutionize static and ineffective PR campaigning by making it a most PR functions a viable option on the web via press release optimization, and now via the more recent innovations in social media optimization and engagement.

Trust your press release copywriting and optimization to the only firm who can beat the White House on official Presidential press release news searches! Curious? Ask us about it!

Our SEO-trained press release optimization and distribution experts understand the web, because creative and technical web marketing is our background. What this means is that we have an actual background in search engine optimization and can utilize this strength to your advantage in the search engine Top10 results.

InterfacePR.com is an imprint of Interface Communications Group.




  1. Sell your story faster, to more people.
  2. Refine your PR campaign concept.
  3. Draw MORE Top10 results on online searches.
  4. Become more visible.
  5. Distribute your story online at less cost comparatively.
  6. Tell your story in your OWN words.
  7. Obtain the maximum Top10 results in search engines and news engines alike!
  8. Leverage your materials across more online mediums you never knew even existed.
  9. Promote your investment prospects.
  10. Enhance your public reputation.

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